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Cuisine is an art, a composition of heritage with a personal touch!

An inate passion to feed people pushes me forward to share a piece of Mexico with you. Mexico has 32 distinct states, Zacatecas is the one I happen to be from. Zacatecas is located in northern central Mexico, along the tropic of cancer, and why I want to highlight that at The Taco Factory it is the unique seasoning we use of this region. A long heritage of cuisine from my home state is found in every meal created here at The Taco Factory. My goal is to delight your senses in such a way that you can make a distinction of real Mexican cuisine. 


A cultural awareness has inundated the north east, and it is why I take the opportunity to highlight one of the differences in Mexican Cuisine. Furthermore, my belief is that fresh cuisine is "healthy," in that fresh vegetables and fresh high quality meats will in fact promote better digestion.With all of this in mind, I look forward to serve you! 

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